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We Met!

We Met! Our biggest turnout ever! 21 enthusiastic, interested, and interesting people met to discuss alternatives to the traditional system. Many were homeschoolers/unschoolers, joined by a handful of preschoolers, and folks who were in the traditional system but not thrilled. Some of us work in the public school system, and see the limitations [...]

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School Bullying: A Tragic Cost of Forced Schooling and Autocratic School Governance

Let's say you are 15 years old, or 13, or 11, and for some reason--over which you have no control--you have been singled out by your schoolmates as an object for scorn and humiliation. Every day at school, for you, is another day in hell. No matter how you feel about school and how terribly you are treated there, the law requires you to be there. You see no escape. What do you do? What can we do, as a society, to prevent this from happening to you or your children? The only real solution I know involves a radical restructuring of the way schools operate.

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