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Learning Music at The Clearwater School

Cass Singing, playing instruments and listening to and talking about music have been a big part of people's lives at Clearwater for many years. A changing group of girls have been members of a small choir for several years. A few students have become proficient at guitar or drums. A few poke around on the piano or take a few lessons. Maddy and Jacy This year, enough people are interested

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Guitar Student Builds Electric Guitar

Musicmaking is a huge draw at Clearwater right now, and the Music Room is a very popular place. Many students of different ages are learning instruments and singing, and three students have formed a band. Cass, who is 14 years old, is studying guitar with Matt, a staff member and musician. Cass plans to design and build his own electric guitar from scratch, but is putting together a guitar kit first thanks to a guitar builder's recommendation.

Cass just got the Fender Strat guitar kit below.

The guitar is in pieces, and needs sanding and painting. Cass has primed the body and will paint the body of the guitar white, but has not yet settled on what design he will paint on top of the white.

After Cass showed off the pieces of his new guitar, Matt and interested students pulled other electric guitars out of the Music Room to compare the shapes of the guitar heads. In the photo above, you can see the kit head, which has not been shaped. Cass has designed a shape and has identified an Assembly member with tools to cut out the design.

He hopes that completing the kit will give him some of the experience he needs to design and build his own guitar.

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Improvements Around Campus

Mat and Matt were hard at work over the summer, making improvements to the buildings and grounds. 

 The Mat(t)s

They finished the painting of the buildings and fixed up the basement of the house which made room for a game room and freed up the upstairs for the playroom again. They also worked on the drainage swale and another swampy area adjacent to the swale, which they now call the "frog garden", right near the newly installed big tires in the play yard.

The swale was made by many members of
our community, and deserves a post of its own.

Frog garden


But they didn't stop there. They upgraded the music room, improving the acoustics and adding recording equipment.

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Making Music

The music room got a lot of use today.

Rob and Matt jammed for awhile.

In the afternoon, Rob played guitar and drums, and later Delayney played piano.

The chorus rehearsed for the spring concert. They worked on John Denver's "Take me Home, Country Road", and The Fleet Foxes' "White Winter Hymnal". They sounded beautiful. (Today was pajama day.)

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