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Site Selection Update

Here’s the story on our site search. We have literally looked at hundreds of sites over the past few months. We follow up on each and every lead that comes our way. At the very least, we drive past and decide whether to follow-up with a closer look. Our first choice is Davie, so we have spent a lot of time looking there but we are not limiting our choice to any one particular city.

There are 2 sites at the top of our list right now.

1 – A space located in a church building with a green outdoor area.
2 – A space located in a retail mall. It is very nice indoor space, but does not include green outdoor space.
We could potentially commit to either of these locations in the next 2-3 weeks but we continue to look for a strong 3rd option. We are hoping to find a house zoned for commercial use as our 3rd option so keep your eyes and ears open and let us know.


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