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Information Night Feb 22nd

Our next Information Night will be on: Date: February 22, 2011 Time: 7:00 – 8:45 p.m. Location: Ralph Thornton Community Centre, 2nd floor 765 Queen Street East TTC directions from Broadview Station Topic: Through the Eyes of Sudbury Students A graduate of the original Sudbury Valley School, a current student at SVS, and former students from The Beach School will [...]

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Superman and Sudbury

Have you seen the movie?  Have you read the reviews?  This one specifically mentions Sudbury Valley School as a possible design template for overhauling (not just improving) the current education system.   Something to think about. addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Superman+and+Sudbury'; addthis_pub = '';

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Freedom from Bullying: How a School Can Be a Moral Community

Many years ago, as part of my early studies of the Sudbury Valley School, I sat in on a school meeting. The main agenda item had to do with a complaint made about a new student who had been coming to school wearing a leather jacket with a swastika painted on it. At most schools this kind of offence would be quickly and efficiently handled by the principal, who would call the student into his or her office and order the student to remove the jacket and never bring it back to school. But that's not how Sudbury Valley handles things. Sudbury Valley has no principal. It is run--entirely run--in democratic fashion by the School Meeting, which includes all students (age 4 on through high-school age) and staff members together. The debate I heard that day was one befitting the Supreme Court of the United States.

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Great Discussion on Monday and No Diploma, No Problem! on May 20

Monday’s monthly discussion night was a lively gathering from which no one seemed to want to leave. Three former Beach School students (including myself and my sister Frances, who is currently attending the original Sudbury Valley School) shared their experiences with a group who seemed quite interested. Dr Carlo Ricci (our group’s education consultant) was kind [...]

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Real Education for Real Teens

The impact of a Sudbury education on three local teens Come meet three Toronto teens who have had non-traditional educations. Sarah and Frances were homeschooled before entering The Beach School; Matt went to traditional public school. Sarah and Matt attended The Beach School for 4 years each, and Frances attended for 5 years. [...]

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Democratic Parenting? Free Kids?

Twelve people gathered at the home of Rika and Sarah Alvo for our second monthly discussion meeting.  Many live in the Beach and Riverdale neighbourhoods of Toronto, but we also had folks from North York and even Cambridge! Thank you for joining us and hope the time was worth your while. Everyone seemed to agree that the current public school [...]

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