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Information Night Feb 22nd

Our next Information Night will be on: Date: February 22, 2011 Time: 7:00 – 8:45 p.m. Location: Ralph Thornton Community Centre, 2nd floor 765 Queen Street East TTC directions from Broadview Station Topic: Through the Eyes of Sudbury Students A graduate of the original Sudbury Valley School, a current student at SVS, and former students from The Beach School will [...]

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He won’t bite the mailman: Sudbury kids and video games

Of what value are video games?  Sudbury parents sometimes worry about how much time their children spend playing videogames at school.  They wonder why they pay good money to have their children (especially boys) apparently squander their freedom on something the parents find to be so worthless.  They worry about the [...]

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Many alternative paths to post-secondary

Our largest turnout yet! Homeschooling parents, educational professionals, parents with kids in traditional and alternative schools, current and former Sudbury-school parents, parents of preschoolers and one teen in Grade 11 (a former Beach School student) came to the beautiful new building of the Toronto Buddhist Church in the Downsview area of Toronto. In addition to [...]

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No Diploma? No Problem Reminder

Just reminding people that our upcoming discussion group will be about getting into post-secondary without a high school diploma — a great topic for non-traditional schoolers. Where: Toronto Buddhist Church 1011 Sheppard Ave W. When: May 20, 2010 (Thursday) 7-9 p.m. TTC: Downsview Station RSVP to reachsudbury(at)gmail(dot)com addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'No+Diploma%3F+No+Problem+Reminder'; [...]

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Great Discussion on Monday and No Diploma, No Problem! on May 20

Monday’s monthly discussion night was a lively gathering from which no one seemed to want to leave. Three former Beach School students (including myself and my sister Frances, who is currently attending the original Sudbury Valley School) shared their experiences with a group who seemed quite interested. Dr Carlo Ricci (our group’s education consultant) was kind [...]

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Real Education for Real Teens

The impact of a Sudbury education on three local teens Come meet three Toronto teens who have had non-traditional educations. Sarah and Frances were homeschooled before entering The Beach School; Matt went to traditional public school. Sarah and Matt attended The Beach School for 4 years each, and Frances attended for 5 years. [...]

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Cooking Begins for Denmark Trip Fundraising Dinner

Yesterday students Robert and Braden and their staff member mentor Mat began cooking for the dinner they will produce tomorrow. Today the intensity and duration of food and event preparations increased dramatically.

Mat and Robert chopping onion

Braden chopping basil

The dinner is one of the ways they are earning money for their two-month stay in Denmark while they attend Denmark's Sudbury school and explore that country and culture.

They cooked Gado Sauce, a peanut-based sauce that can be made ahead.

They also made a test batch of creme brulee. It was a test batch because they added some unexpected aromatic ingredients and wanted to find out how it would taste. I had the privilege of being a taster and I can testify that the creme brulee will be amazing.

Creme brulee ready for the oven

Creme brulee recipe (but without mystery aromatic ingredients). Click the image to enlarge.

Mat and Robert mixing creme brulee ingredients.
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Start of something fun

This is the first post on the account that Robert will be using for his trip to Denmark. This is pretty cool!
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Students Cook Fundraising Dinner for Their European Trip

If you haven't read about Robert and Braden's upcoming two-month stay at a Sudbury school in Denmark and how they will represent Clearwater at the European Sudbury Conference in Berlin this spring, do so now. They hope this trip will encourage more travel and student exchange between Sudbury schools around the world.

To earn money for their trip before they leave at the end of the month, they (together with staff member and cooking mentor Mat Riggle) will cook a sumptuous Asian-themed meal with dessert on Saturday, March 20 from 4:00-7:00 PM at The Clearwater School. If you would like to eat delicious food, enjoy good entertainment and support them on this adventure, please RSVP no later than March 18 to
The Clearwater School. The cost is $20 each for adults and $10 each for children. Please indicate in the RSVP if you have any diet restrictions and, if eating meat, whether you prefer pork or chicken.

Robert and Braden make Thai fresh rolls

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Big Day in the Kitchen

I was so excited to hire Robert and Braden for the day to help me cook a bunch of food. I wanted to test as many new recipes as I could in one day, and I planned and shopped for a couple of days ahead of time.

I can't tell you how much fun it was to have them in the kitchen for the day. I wish we'd remembered to take a few photos, but we were awfully busy. We did manage to sit down and eat at one point (carrot and ginger soup with coconut cream garnish), and they went and goofed off for a little while with Cass. Not for long, though. We stopped off at Central Market on the way to my house and went a little crazy in the Asian aisle, in front of the Wall of Soy. We serendipitously discovered that if you eat straight adobo sauce, which is crazy hot, and then eat nori, which is seaweed, the nori makes the heat go away like magic.

They really love cooking, and they know a lot about food. They were tireless, fun and enthusiastic. The time they have spent in the new Clearwater kitchen with Mat has made them so confident. When we were tasting things, they were unabashedly opinionated, which was great. They have this crazy idea about opening a restaurant at the school with the menu being made with ingredients bought at the gas station.

By the end of the day, we had made fifteen things, then we fed ten people. I know the two aspiring chefs are going to be feeding many more. As for me, I could barely get out of my chair to make the pancakes for dessert, and they were all full of energy.

You can read more about the day, and a couple of the recipes we worked on and perfected, at The Udon Noodle Soup was the biggest hit of the evening. The rest of the recipes will be posted in the coming week or so.

(And please consider this a ringing endorsement of Braden and Robert as employees. I wish I could hire them every day, and they are saving up for a trip to Europe this spring.)

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